Indoor potted lemon tree

Asked January 11, 2020, 9:41 AM EST

Hi. My name is mike. So the last 5 months or so my potted lemon tree has been losing its leaves. I recently discovered citrus scale and cleaned the entire tree of them. Here are a few pictures of what the leaves look like. Can you help with what's going on please? Thanks

Outagamie County Wisconsin

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Thank you for writing Mike.
You do not specify the type of lemon tree so I will confine myself to a general answer. Lemon trees can be evergreen although some go semidormant in winter. Here is some general advice
Keep your plant happy. This advice is reasonable.
It is difficult to expect fruit during the low light, short day MN winters. Let the fruit mature for quite a while on the counter after harvesting. Your prompt control of scale is good plant management.