Bugs that look like white rice

Asked January 9, 2020, 12:18 PM EST

For months I’ve been seeing bugs that look like white rice. They are every where in my home. Along with bugs that look like black pepper. My cloths are getting holes, they are in my pantry, refrigerator. On my tile floors I’m finding a clear liquid that sparkles. I’ve had two exterminator come out, they say it’s nothing. However, they didn’t bother to check the attic, my furniture, rugs. When they walk in they see a clean home. Which is why I think they don’t bother to check thoroughly. My husband thinks I’m crazy. Problem has gotten so bad I wish no longer to live here.

Riverside County California

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These may be clothes moth cases that they build. You need to collect these and take them into the county extension office for proper identification. You should also see moths flying around if this is a heavy infestation.

County office:

Thanks, G.