new jade plant growth

Asked January 8, 2020, 8:11 PM EST

I received a beautiful relative young jade plant (12 in. high about six months a go. I placed it near a well lit window but not where it would be too hot, and cared for it as I saw fit. I have noticed with the new growth, the leaves have good color but are druping and are considerable smaller
than the older leaves below. My wife doesn't seem to think there is anything wrong with it but it just doesn't look good to me.

Jackson County Oregon

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Jade plants (Crassula spp., usually C. ovata) are wonderful house plants to have because their requirements are few: proper light, little to no water, and a fairly permanent position in the house. Jade plants do not like to be moved around, especially in situations where a heater vent or fireplace can cause major fluctuations in the temperature. As you know, they are NOT HARDY outdoors in the frost season. I have a 20- year- old plant which spends late April to late September outside, located in an area with half-day sun and receiving water every two weeks. When I move it inside, it resides in a well-lighted space, but not against a window. Even with double-paned glass, windows in winter radiate cold. New leaves are naturally smaller than mature leaves, but size up as they mature and new leaves form in the cluster. Older leaves do tend to yellow and somewhat curl before ultimately dropping off. Best way to proceed would be to re-locate your plant away from the window to a well-lighted spot where the room temperatures are fairly stable and cut back on watering. As a succulent, jade plants store water in their tissues. "Little to no water" is the prescription of Sunset's Western Garden Book, but in our artificially -heated homes, the "little" part has to be adjusted to account for changing temperatures. I hope these notes are helpful to you; you have a plant which should give you years of pleasure.