Asked January 7, 2020, 8:08 AM EST

I have carpet beetle and mites. My whole house is inundated. I can’t bring any food into house or place in fridge or freezer. Also my car had bedding in for laundromat and daughter borrowed left bedding in for weeks. Now it also is infested with bug. Soon as food or drink in fully sealed containers is in car or home or fridge it is infested. I have lost 27kg in six months . They are in nose , bowel movements are infested and my hair and skin are affected. My daughter thinks I am nuts and she has told my doctor the same. They now have mental health involved. What can I do. I did have pest control spray my home plus I have let off insect bombs in house and car continually. Nothing eradicates them. I am 66yrs old and now have no money after all this. They ate through my lounge suite /deer hide , my electric recliner. Dining suite(wood) ,6ft.entertainment unit , 6ft sideboard . Bed bases and concrete statues inside and out. I am distraught.

Outside United States

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I am not a medical doctor, but from your description, I suspect that you may be afflicted with what is scientifically known as "Delusory parasitosis", although this is not something one can be sure without a complete examination of everything involved in the case. The excess use of pesticides, and other products in your house may actually cause further irritation of your skin and increase the discomfort you may be experiencing. Please seek help from your family members and medical personnel.