Spruce Rescue

Asked January 5, 2020, 2:56 PM EST

We are in Sister's Oregon. We have a 15' Engleman Spruce between our house and a noisy intersection. It is watered by a lawn sprinkler system. It has been rotating/leaning toward the fence for close to a year (turning/leaning at the roots). Since the water system was turned off this fall the rotation accelerated.

I looked at the Drought article* and will water per Dave Shaws advice.

I have used a comealong to pull and hold the tree erect with a rope from a 50' Ponderosa.

What else can I do to save this tree and preserve it's noise dampening?

*Western Oregon conifers continue to show damage due to drought

Deschutes County Oregon

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Hi, Yes I cannot think of anything additional for the tree, you can temporarily guy it to keep it straightened, using a flat strap. Sounds like you are doing something like this already. If you want to send a photo of how you are staking it, that could be helpful. Winter watering when the ground isn't frozen can be helpful. Fertilizing it once in spring with a basic fertilizer (15-15-15).