Grapevines and peach trees

Asked January 4, 2020, 10:15 AM EST

How do i control black spot on grapevines organically and non organically? And what is the best way to protect or rid my peach tree from stink bugs?


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Spray programs for black rot on fruit go from bloom to berry color change (veraison), about a 5 week window. Effective non organic compounds are captan, pyraclostrobin, and myclobutanil. Look at the ingredient list to find the active ingredient. It is recommended to start with the Captan spray at bloom and then alternating the myclobutanil (or pyraclostrobin) sprays about every 10 day and shortening the interval if it is rainy.

Organic materials for black rot are copper and sulfur. Copper is less effective than the non-organic listed above, and sulfur is even less effective. Some grape varieties are prone to damage from sulfur (e.g. Concord, Foch, Chancellor).

Removal of mummified berries from the vines helps to reduce problems from black rot.

Regarding stink bugs. Fine mesh netting helps, but is practical only if the trees are small. Sprays directly on the stink bugs when they are active is the most effective method. Sevin is effective for this insect, but generally only if sprayed directly, with a 3 day preharvest interval (check the pesticide label for the legal uses).