Planting near black walnut tree

Asked January 4, 2020, 10:07 AM EST

Hello, Will a quince tree, red mulberry tree, pear tree, apple tree or blackberry bushes survive near a black walnut tree? Also would it be okay to plant blackberry bushes running along the fence outside of my vegtable garden? And this is a very odd question. Would morel mushrooms grow near a gooseberry bush? Thank you


1 Response

Per the attached website for Morton Arboretum, the plants you listed in your email would be ok by the black walnut, in that they are not on the list of the plants sensitive to black walnut toxicity. The website is informative about black walnut toxicity.

The website for the article below gives extensive information about growing blackberries. A significant note of caution for planting next to a vegetable garden is the invasive nature of the blackberry.

Regarding the morels: Unsure about whether the morels will grow near a gooseberry bush, however, I have attached a website from the state of Michigan about morel mushroom growth habits and location. Hopefully it is helpful for you.