Canning homemade mustard with eggs in it

Asked January 3, 2020, 9:07 PM EST

I recently ran across a fabulous home made mustard, recipe but it has eggs in it. They go in raw, but are cooked in a double boiler until the mustard thickens. My question is, can this be steam canned or water bathed? Everything I see on line, says that eggs must be pressure canned. Also, if they can't be steam canned, or water bath canned, would an electric pressure cooker with 15 pounds of pressure do the job or am I just out of luck? I have a great old pressure canner, probably close to 70 years old, but needs the gauge checked and all new rings and seals, and I'm too old to lift the blasted thing, so it isn't even a possibility, but ii the extension service would like to have it, it is yours.

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We have not seen any research that provides safe processing times for home made mustards, with or without eggs as an ingredient. All safe storage instructions we have seen are to refrigerate the mustard for storage. This is in part because fully processing the mustard would make it such poor quality that it wouldn't be worth it. The thickness of the mustard and how difficult it would be and how long it would take to heat through are the challenge.

I'm surprised you have seen any lab- tested recipes for any products that have eggs in them that are canned. The one exception I know about is Lemon Curd, but that is highly acidified.

There has been some research on using pressure cookers as canners and it seems to indicate that they are not safe as canners. They heat up and cool too quickly for full heat penetration of the product and the internal temperature fluctuates, which is fine for cooking, but not for canning. We strongly recommend against using those electric pressure cookers as a canner for any products.

Extension would be interested in the old canner. They often have class participants or other organizations who will get the parts and get an older canner back in action. Thank you! You could drop it by your local extension office any time during business hours. It looks like you are in Lane county, the office there is 996 Jefferson St, Eugene, OR 97402

Let me know if you have any further questions.