Meyer Lemon Plant Fading

Asked January 2, 2020, 1:35 PM EST

Hello, I have nursed a Meyer Lemon Plant for one year.It was doing well outside then I brought it in during the Fall. The blossoms were heavenly and eventually yielded five lemons. After I picked the last lemon, the leaves curled and started to fall. I was careful not to over water it and replaced the top two inches with fresh potting soil.It's in the same place where it used to flourish. After the harvest, is it best to let it rest or repot it? What is your best guess as to what's going on. Many thanks,

Baltimore Maryland

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Congratulations on your lemon harvest!

It is normal for Meyer lemon trees to go through a period of shock after moving into a new location. A lot of leaves can drop but the plant will recover. It is good that you are being careful not to overwater.
Most plants brought in for the winter are not actively growing and are resting. They need less water and shouldn't be fertilized. It is best to let it rest. If you need to repot, spring would be a good time.
It's not easy to keep tropicals happy in our hot, dry homes. Keep watch for spider mites and scale insects that can crop up.
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