Asked January 1, 2020, 12:47 AM EST

What is the brown in the photo? Sap or a problem? A few of my Norwegian pines I just noticed have this brown stuff

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Wright County Minnesota

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I think you may have a Norfolk Island pine. They are attractive houseplants and not actually pines. The growth is unusual, it might be a gall or an abnormal growth. The branch looks healthy and the needles look normal and healthy. I wouldn’t worry about it unless symptoms of disease like brown or falling needles or misshapen needles happen.

Thank you for your response! All eight air norfolk pines. I didn't know they were really trees! I panicked because I have eight of these guys. All eight are those cheap pines you buy at Christmas form Walmart that usually die soon after the holidays. But I want these guys to live well. I just repotted them all in those huge cloth bags since I couldn't find larger pots then what they were in. The two big guys I brought up from Texas four years ago are four foot tall and the other six are little guys about a foot tall. The photo is of one of the babies. But the big guys have them too but theirs are smaller then the little guys. All eight are as green as this guy. The only falling needles I get are from branches that are below the tops of the bags. The branches above the bag tops all look gook like the photo branches. Thanks again for easing my mind.- Gloria Caballero.
PS- I'll keep you posted!

Good luck with your trees. They can live a long time. See the link for more information about growing them indoors, if you wish.