Is this mushroom poisonous or safe to a small dog?

Asked December 30, 2019, 9:34 PM EST

We have these mushrooms popping up in our backyard lawn. I'm looking for answers to whether they are safe or poisonous/dangerous to our small dog (8lbs)? I can't find any clear answer on the internet so seeking your expert knowledge. Even giving me the name of the mushroom would be helpful. Thanks, Lori

Clackamas County Oregon

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There is no list of mushrooms poisonous to dogs. Dogs and humans are sensitive to different materials: for instance, ibuprofen used by people for pain relief, is very poisonous to dogs. So is chocolate. My advice is to not allow the dog where mushrooms are available. You can remove mushrooms from favored walking areas.

Given that, to properly identify this mushroom would require a spore-print, which you might be able to supply. The mushroom pictured in the photo could be any one of a number of small, dark species. To prepare a spore pirnt, simply remove the stalk and place a mature cap on top of a piece of white paper, such as an index card. Cover it with an inverted glass to keep air currents out. Overnight, the mushroom will eject its spores onto the paper, and in a large group they will have a distinctive color, such as white (difficult to see), pink, brown, etc. If you photograph the spore print and send it in, I would be able to be more certain of an identification.