Need expert advice on where to find expert service providers

Asked December 30, 2019, 7:13 PM EST

Have been trying to spruce up my mom's 6 acre horse pasture, barn and stalls for last couple years. The problem is that I believe a truly worrisome amount of erosion has occurred both before and since her occupation of the property. Being a do it yourself-er, especially one with such amazing free resources as this website, it's hard for me to solicit a paid service provider, but I do believe I need an on site professional for both my task, and my sanity. Can you tell me the title of and where I might find such a person or project planner/ service? I'm sworn to save this place from mud and horses, but struggling to keep it above water, both literally and figuratively. Learned so much from your your site already, really appreciate it

Jackson County Oregon

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I'd recommend you contact Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District ( or 541-423-6159). They have folks there who can make site visits and help you address the erosion problem.