Hen heavy with eggs?

Asked December 30, 2019, 6:49 PM EST

one of our hens looks like she is heavy with eggs, but not laying. is there anything we can do?

Shelby County Tennessee

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If her abdomen looks like it is getting larger and she isn't laying any hard-shelled eggs, she could be an internal layer. That basically means she releases the yolks but they aren't caught by her reproductive tract to make an eggs around them. The yolks build up in her abdomen and she would eventually die. It could be that the hen has just stopped laying with the colder temperatures and shorter days and she is just gaining excess fat. If you aren't already, you may try adding some supplemental light so your hens get about 14-16 total (natural + artificial) hours of light per day. I'd also suggest providing a good quality layer feed as the exclusive diet for your birds. Hope this helps!