We have a very old, tall Hackberry tree that this fall is dropping thousands...

Asked December 30, 2019, 4:14 PM EST

We have a very old, tall Hackberry tree that this fall is dropping thousands of twigs and berries.

Franklin County Ohio

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I live near a historic village and one of things I learned last summer is that the local indigenous peoples ate and enjoyed the berries from a hackberry tree. And now reading of the tree I see it can be a wonderful native plant in our landscape. Here are some links to information about hackberry that may help you:






I’m not sure of the amount of water that fell last summer in your area, but a dry summer drought has a negative effect on trees. The drought creates stress on trees. The trees are living things needing water-without enough the branches can die.


If you are trying to identify disease on a plant, try this website:


If you need help finding a certified arborist in your area, you can check-out the International Society of Arboriculture's Website at www.treesaregood.com and click on the icon "Find an Arborist."