Calvert Cliffs Preservation

Asked December 29, 2019, 9:50 AM EST

I recently purchased a home on the Calvert Cliffs. The landscape and cliffs had been neglected for years resulting in a number of invasive vines (mostly Ivys). I would like to pull as much as possible but want to make sure I am not doing any harm in the critical area. If possible to remove, what can be planted to preserve the cliff. Will native grasses help stabilize the cliffs?

Calvert County Maryland

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There are some native vines which would be good for anchoring the soil, such as Virginia creeper and trumpet vine (orange flowers in summer). Be sure to leave those.

Some native grasses are useful, too.

The online publication "Native Plant for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping: Chesapeake Bay Watershed" is an excellent source of ornamental plants useful for landscaping near water. There are color photos and profiles for each plant.
There are lists at the end of plants to stabilize in sunny areas near water, which should be helpful for you.

Be very careful when removing invasives, not to dislodge too much soil. Sometimes you may need to leave some of their roots to hold soil,

Your county environmental office may be able to give you ideas.