Dying top of Blue Spruce

Asked December 26, 2019, 4:09 PM EST

What are the pests or diseases that have browned out, killed, the top 15 ft of an 80 ft spruce? The rest of the tree below that is healthy. The tree is in Carbondale, CO. No new or recent disturbances or changes at the ground level. Thank you.

Garfield County Colorado

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Boy, I just cannot zoom in close enough to see what is happening. With all the pavement around, it could potentially be a water issue. Tree roots of a spruce like this are out 2 to 5 times the height of the tree. There are several insects that can cause tip damage on the twigs. I would contact your local Hort Agent, Abi, in the Garfield office located within the fairgrounds in Rifle. The number there is (970) 625-3969. She or one of the Master Gardeners may be able to do a site visit. Abi has a good insect background. Good luck.