how ta make cutting from a tree for propagation

Asked December 23, 2019, 12:10 PM EST

Hi, My name is Ahmed. I am UMN student. I am planning to buy olive and fig trees. I want to make cuttings from these tree so I can propagate from them. I want to receive consultations in how to make the cuttings and how to preserve them. Thanks a lot.

Hennepin County Minnesota tree propagation

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Thanks for the question.

Congratulations on attempting cuttings, especially for trees. However, a cautionary note. Many trees, perhaps including figs and olives, are grated specimens. This simply means that the upper part of the tree is different from the bottom part, which is often called the rootstock. By taking cuttings from the upper portions, you may or may not eventually be able to obtain a tree whose root system would be comparable to the original rootstock. When you buy your trees, look closely at the trunk a few inches up from the soil If the tree has been grafted, you can typically see rings around the trunk.

While the task you are undertaking is certainly not impossible, it will require some effort, time, and patience on your part. One or kore of the following should provide you the necessary cultivation procedures:

Good Luck!!