Little mushroom

Asked December 22, 2019, 2:09 PM EST

What should I do with the soil when all these little golden mushrooms pop up?

Clackamas County Oregon soil mushrooms

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Thank you for your question. I am afraid the photo is taken from too great a distance to tell you much about the mushroom itself. However, mushrooms growing in lawns are an indication that something is decomposing (rotting) in the soil beneath them. Mushrooms are to the fungus growing in the soil what flowers are to the plants that grow above it. Neither the fungus nor the mushrooms are injuring the soil. In fact, what is underground is returning nutrients (food) to the soil, to be used by plants growing nearby. You can rake or mow the mushrooms. Just don't eat them or allow pets to eat them. You should place them in the trash, rather than risking more growing in your compost.

So long as there is something buried in the soil to be decomposed, you'll continue to see mushrooms. It may be rotting roots from dead or removed trees and/or shrubs. It may be building materials (wood) inadvertently buried there during construction. Eventually, they will be fully rotted, the fungus will die, and you'll see no more mushrooms. But you need take no special measures to change the soil. The fungi are actually keeping it healthy. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!