lawn moss

Asked December 21, 2019, 3:33 PM EST

We are in Livonia, mi with a small lawn 60 ft. x 40ft. front and back with a lot of mature trees. Have been getting a lot of green moss with weird black stuff in the lawn and moss in the walk ways, I always been fertilizing with scotts products and cutting the lawn but any suggestions to get rid of it. The lawn is 40 years old but I core it every year. Maybe spread with lime?

Wayne County Michigan

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I would strongly urge you to purchase a home soil test kit from MSU. The results will tell you if you have been correctly fertilizing your lawn, give you advice on ph in your lawn and if your lawn needs any other corrective measures.
Moss growth is often the result of shady moist conditions which may or may not be corrected easily.
It may be difficult to get the soil samples in the winter as the ground may be frozen.
You may want to wait until early spring to collect the sample and send it in.