Norway Spruce brown spotting?

Asked December 20, 2019, 6:56 PM EST

I have two Norway Spruce trees, 6-7ft tall, purchased and planted last year, late Oct 2018. All has been good with both trees and both watered very well when first planted up until ground was frozen late nov/dec 2018. One of the tree’s recently started showing/appearing with this brown (see photos) color on some of the tree branches. Doesn’t seem to be killing the needles just changing them color of brown. One tree has it sporadically all over. The other, 30-40 ft apart, is fine at this point with no brown coloring. Thoughts as to what it maybe? Treatment to cure? Thx Rich

Allegan County Michigan

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It is really difficult to diagnose what may be going on from pictures. We recently have seen winter injury to some conifers, due to the cold weather in mid-November. I would suggest you send a sample to MSU Diagnostic Services to see if there might be insect or disease problems before you do any treatment. Their website is There you will find information on how to submit a sample.