raw sewage overflow

Asked December 20, 2019, 1:27 PM EST

My home experienced a raw sewage overflow that completely covered my basement floor. The furnace, along with the intake vent, is in the basement. I did cover the vent with a MERV filter after 24 hours. Once basic cleaning (and "sanitising" by a company), how will I know that my home is safe from all the pathogens that covered my basement? How to I clean and sanitise items that cannot be washed, like houseplants?
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Denver County Colorado sewage sludge safety

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You really need to contact that Denver County Environmental Health Department or the Colorado Dept of Public Health and Environment for your question. The company you hired if they were a certified/qualified company should have used products to sanitize your basement for the removal of the sewage. You can contact the Colorado State University Denver County Extension Office and talk to the Horticulture Extension Agent regarding the plants.

Ah, this is NOT a response!!!
1. Denver County Environmental Heath is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars; they will not help; their staff is completely incompetent and lack any training. Also, they are only interested in people living in Section 8 housing. Homeowners get NO HELP.
2. CO Dept of Health refers to Denver, so also useless.
3. I sent the question to the CSU Extension; I expected an answer from a qualifed Extension Agent!

Sorry Anne Z but you need to stay away; you are no expert!

I am not an Extension Agent in Denver County and am sorry that you were not able to get help from your city and state Health Departments. The State Health Department should have helped you if you had told them that Denver would not and I am surprised that they did not.
The Denver County Extension Horticulture Agent when he gets back from Holiday vacation should be able to answer your question about your plants.