Worm substitute?

Asked December 20, 2019, 1:03 PM EST

I found after losing 2 ducks that worms are make a great food for them. I was about to lose my 3rd duck so I thought I would pamper her with a couple worms. Not only did she love this, she could walk again. It's been over a couple of years now and she is still doing great. Worms are expensive and harder to get in the winter. What if any thing can I substitute for the worms?

Wasco County Oregon

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Any other insect larvae would be similar, however they are all expensive. Meat scraps will be similar nutritionally or even some cooked eggs. Animal products have high protein and virtually all the nutrients that are necessary for your ducks. Make sure you are feeding a good feed ration, sack feed, that is formulated for either growing or laying ducks or chickens depending whether your birds are young or adults. Sack feeds are formulated for all their nutritional needs.