Lease land for alfalfa

Asked December 20, 2019, 12:45 PM EST

I have some acres I’m looking to lease and wondering how much I should lease the land for per acre. It’s seeded for alfalfa but if I can lease it for more doing another kind of crop I’m open to that too. The land was certified organic a few years ago and the previous owner let that expire I’m looking to get the land certified again if you think it’s worth it

Klamath County Oregon

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The value of lease depends on many factors. Is the property within the Klamath Irrigation Project? If so, is it classified as 'A', 'B', or 'C' ground? Does the property have a supplemental irrigation well? If outside the Klamath Irrigation Project, what is your adjudicated water right date? Do you have wells? If so, how far from streams, etc. that could be called on by Senior Water Rights Holders? Are you wanting to include power in the lease amount? How new is the alfalfa seeding? What has been the historic yield per acre? Do you have center pivot irrigation? These and probably more can influence lease rates.

Thank you for getting back to me. It’s about 40 acres. I have both KID A & B and an irrigation well that produces 1100 gallons per minute. It will be freshly seeded and I’m not sure what it produces per acre but the prior owner said it produces 70 tons per cut. It has a traditional water line not a center pivot. Electric will be included.

Ballpark estimate is between $175 and $250 per acre. Not certain how much more to increase if you are covering the power cost? Might be good to check with Farm Credit Services or other lenders to see what they think.

Thank you so much. One last question. What do you think I can make if I work the land myself per acre

Depends on many factors such as:

What crop you planning to grow, do you own equipment or plan to hire custom operators, etc.