Where can I get the Feed Barley ?

Asked December 19, 2019, 1:45 PM EST

Trying to find a source for the Feed Barley you guys are using in the fodder system. Thank You Dan

Lincoln County Oregon

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I am the Regional Livestock and Forages Specialist covering western Oregon. I see you are from Lincoln Co. I am not sure to who or what you are referring when you say "feed barley you are using in your fodder system." If you can fill me in on that, perhaps I can help direct you to a source.

Otherwise, barley grain can be purchased from most feed stores. Make sure it is ground barley so the animals can digest it. Transition livestock onto barley slowly as it has starches that the rumen microbes need to get used to over a few weeks. How much do you want to feed and to what animal do you want to feed it to?


The Barley needs to be sprouted for about 7 days before it is fed to the animals.I found an article about a faodder system set up at the university. I happen to own a feed store here in Lincoln City but my distributors can't seem to get sproutable barley seed, A quick search on Google or Youtube will help you understand what I am trying to do.
Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you

Oh, sprouting barley. Sorry, I do not have information on where to purchase that. I do not work with sprouting or feeding that because of the cost of gain on it. I do not know any commercial sized operations using it. There are some small farms livestock folks that do it, but I do not work with them. I will ask my coworkers for more information and get back to you.

Was the article from Oregon State University? Was the sprouting done there or was it an article about a private citizen doing the sprouting and feeding it?

Hi Dan,

I found an article on the OSU Extension Service Website. It is written by Washing State University faculty member, Susan Kerr. https://extension.oregonstate.edu/fodder-forage-fact-folly-fable-or-fabulous

Susan actually took us Ag Agents to this facility several years ago. It works, just not sure it is cost effective.

Looks like the guy just buys feed barley and sprouts it.

I saw on the internet it is suggested that you use whole barley, not hulled. The processing apparently damages the ability to sprout.