How to make my pasture land level?

Asked December 19, 2019, 1:09 PM EST

I bought 10 acres of land that was once a tobacco farm. There still seems to be some grooves in the pasture....all over it. I am concerned that it will be difficult for my horses to walk/run on it. Any ideas on how to make it all smooth?

Frederick County Maryland

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One option would be tillage, which will break up the soil. After tilling the field, a secondary tillage pass with an implement such as a cultivator will help to create a smoother surface and seed bed. Keep in mind that tillage will kill the existing grass, and you will have to re-seed. (Re-seeding pastures can be done in the fall or the spring.) The roots of the grasses that are currently in the pasture could also be helping to break up some of the compaction in the field; however, this does take time.

Without seeing the field, it is hard to say exactly how it will affect your horses. I would also suggest contacting Amanda Grev, who is our Pasture & Forage Specialist; she also has an equine background. Amanda can be reached at or 301-432-2767 ext. 339.