persimmon BBQ sauce

Asked December 18, 2019, 7:21 PM EST

I recently canned persimmon BBQ sauce. It's not from a recipe, and i want to confirm it will keep ok. I used approximately 4 cups of fruit pulp, 3.5 cups of tomato puree (from an existing store-bought can, not freshly made), less than 1 cup sugar, and a little apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, along with chopped onion & garlic, assorted spices, etc. I know it's ok to can fruit, and obviously the tomatoes came from a can in the first place, so presumably this combination is sufficiently high-acid for storage . . . on the other hand, i've always heard one should be careful in recipe experimentation. Are these jars safe to give friends for the holidays?

Lane County Oregon

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I would not recommend eating your persimmons invented BBQ sauce. First of all persimmons have a pH in the range of 4.42-4.7 so could very well be a low acid food depending on the ripeness and variety. Also you added onions and garlic which are low acid foods and a little vinegar. Which is good but we don't know how much to add to make the recipe safe unless it were tested. Plus it is a sauce so the density can vary.

With those "red flags": there is a possibility that botulism toxin could form in your sauce. I would suggest not to use it and if you do be sure to boil for 10 minutes before tasting and be very careful washing up everything in case the toxin has formed.

Since Persimmons are just becoming popular there is not a lot of research being done on them for home food preservation at this time, so better to freeze your product or look for tested recipes from reliable sources. The preservation information we have available are for drying and freezing.

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