How should I dry out a honeycomb filled with honey

Asked December 18, 2019, 5:36 AM EST

I have some pieces of honeycomb filled with a little honey and some dead bees inside of it. I am intending to dry out the honeycomb. But in doing so I need to first clear out the dead bees stuck inside and also the left over honey. I don’t know how to do it. Looking forward for some guidance

Outside United States

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That’s an interesting project. As you know, honey comb is fairly fragile so use care in all the steps to retain the structural integrity of the honey comb.

Remove the dead bees with tweezers or needle-nose pliers. You can drain the honey like it appears is happening in the photo by keeping it in a warm area. Rotate the comb around so all the honey has a chance to drain. You might support the comb with a screen so it doesn’t sag. Beeswax melts around 64 degrees Celsius but is easily damaged before that as it softens, so handle carefully. The next step is to gently rinse with cool water several times to remove any remaining honey and debris. Finally, let the honey comb air dry.

This sound like a good winter activity.