poa trivialis controle

Asked December 17, 2019, 7:19 PM EST

This fall I used Round Up to try and kill off most of the roughstalk bluegrass.Will aeration and thatching in the spring before I reseed help or make it worse. It is heavy clay soil. Also is there a type of grass that you would recommend that might combat it better.

Eaton County Michigan

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If the rough stalk bluegrass was still active when it was sprayed with glyphosate this fall, it should kill the plants. Glyphosate will not be very effective if the plants were already dormant. If plants are dead it would not matter if you aerate and dethatch next spring to remove excess dead plant material and then reseed. It all depends on when the glyphosate was applied. If plants did not brown and dry up then it will require another application in spring once plants become active. Purdue University states the Poa trivialis rarely forms seed heads when it is mowed so killing the plants is the main focus. Reseeding next spring should be successful.