high altitude flour

Asked December 17, 2019, 7:40 AM EST

What is high altitude flour? How is it different from regular flour?

Larimer County Colorado

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High altitude flour is a brand, not a type of flour and it does not work better or worse at high altitudes. I suggest you use bread flour, as it has more gluten and thus the dough will be better able to rise without falling at high altitudes. If your loaves simply do not rise much it is usually due to lack of liquid. Flour and other ingredients stored at high altitude are drier, requiring more moisture to activate the leaving ingredient, either baking powder, soda or yeast. Self-rising flour is not meant specifically for high altitudes, it is all purpose flour with the addition of baking powder and salt. If used in a recipe not formulated using self-rising flour the product may overrise, then collapse and taste salty and bitter from too much baking powder. At high altitude it is best to stick with either all purpose or bread flour, so that you can control the amount of leavening agent/ingredient you use. Go to www.ext.colostate.edu and download a copy of the High Altitude Food Preparation Guide