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Asked December 16, 2019, 1:56 PM EST

I've grown this plant for 40 years thinking it was Aspidistra, but I just saw flowers of Aspidistra and they are nothing like my plant. It has Aspidistra "like" leaves, but grows to 3 - 4 feet at which time I cut back. It has flowered 3 times, twice this summer outside and was pollinated and now has red seeds. The flower was ivory white and shaped like a loose, widely spaced hyacinth, extremely fragrant, almost overwhelming. I want to plant seeds, but need ID to plant properly

Starke County Indiana plant identification dracaena aubryana

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I wonder if it's a variety of Bletilia orchid, also known as a hyacynth orchid or Chinese ground orchid. The colors vary from white to purple. Very interesting--I've never seen this before, and it's quite lovely!

Hi Alice, Good try on the orchid answer, but that's not it. Tall plant, can get rangy. Flowers are hyacinth - like, but with more spacing in between florets and longer petals. Thanks, I'll keep trying

You don't happen to have any pictures of the plant in flower, do you? That would be VERY helpful!

Can you open one of those fruits and show us what is inside ?
Do you know how roots look like?
The picture of the base of the plant would help too.

I had to consult a LOT of folks before we found this. It's most likely Dracaena aubryana, or Lance Dracena. If you google it, you'll see both the flowers and the fruit. Very cool--thanks for the opportunity to meet a new plant!

Alice, THAT IS IT!!! You are a genius and a much better researcher than I. Imagine, my 40 year old aspidistra is a Dracena. Thank you for all your work and for supplying the links. I can't wait to tell my sister. She gave me the cutting all those years ago. Kris

Thank you--I'm not a genius, though--I just have a fantastic support network!