Iron Infusion for ash tree

Asked December 16, 2019, 12:42 PM EST

My Mountain Ash trees were infused with iron in the summer 2019. Do I need to do this every year from now on?

Mesa County Colorado trees and shrubs

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Have you had a soil test to confirm a high pH that leads to chlorosis (yellow of leaves between veins)? How old is this tree? I have rarely seen chlorosis in a mountain ash even in high pH soils. I know that it is moderately susceptible to this. Many trees are very sensitive to iron chlorosis and treatments vary and so does how often they are needed. Soil treatments are often yearly, since the high pH that causes this binds up the iron and reduces its availability to the plant. Iron chelates applied to the soil are a common way of treating this issue but they are yearly applications. For more information see the following Extension article: