Do we have fruit flies?

Asked December 13, 2019, 4:50 PM EST

We've had these little flies for about 2 weeks. They seem darker and less 'rounded' than the Drosophila of my memory.. I'm attaching the best picture (other little bodies were too smashed). The animal is 2-3 mm in length. They've been mostly in the kitchen, but they have ignored cider vinegar traps. I haven't seen them on the fruit in the fruit bowl (which will be empty after this week). If it's not a fruit fly, any ideas? It doesn't resemble fungus gnats or drain flies (which I have never actually seen, but pictures look much broader than these things). Thanks!

Montgomery County Maryland

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We cannot accurately identify the insect as the photo is out of focus and the insect is upside down. A better photo would be helpful. This does not look like a fungus gnat. We think this looks like a type of fly.

At this point, see if you can figure out where they are coming from. Do some detective work. What was happening two weeks ago in your home? Sometimes eggs may have come in on food sources. In general, flies breed in wet stuff such as something rotting or in the organic gunk in drains. Check any possible moisture source leak such as a refrigerator, HVAC condensate line, sump pumps, etc.
If you cannot find a pipe leak, it may be worth trying an enzymatic drain cleaner and/or having a plumber inspect pipes.

Since the flies could also be drawn to decaying tubers, check for bad potatoes, onions, unplanted flower bulbs, etc.
Here is our page on flies
and information from Colorado State