Christmas Tree Pesticides

Asked December 12, 2019, 10:17 PM EST

We live next to (and downhill from) a 75 acre noble fir christmas tree farm on Chehalem Mtn, elev. about 1100-1200 ft. We'd like to test our well water for possible contamination from whatever pesticides, herbicides, etc. are common in the industry. Are there commonly used chemicals that we ought to test for? Thank you for your assistance.

Yamhill County Oregon

3 Responses

I suspect that herbicides would be your main concern, if any. The most common herbicides in use- common products anyway, would be Velpar, atrazine, Goal, Roundup, and Garlon. In past years growers used a product called Westar, but that one is not manufacured any more.

Thanks for your prompt response. Two more questions--Once a year the Christmas Tree farm aerially sprays the crop. Would that be one of the herbicides you listed? Also, would aerial spraying require some kind of registration?

Sprays in winter/spring will tent to be herbicides. In June-Aug, they will be insecticides. No permit is needed for aerial sprays. The operator must keep records however