Organic gardening resources for Walla Walla

Asked December 11, 2019, 11:57 PM EST

My daughter who lives in Walla Walla wanted a book on organic gardening in that region. I - and several book stores - can't find anything that specific. What would you suggest I can suggest so that she can have good advice on gardening organically where she lives? Thanks very much.

Multnomah County Oregon

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There are a lot of resources for gardening east of the Cascades. She can also search for gardening in "inland PNW." Organic gardening is the same everywhere, it's just the climate, soil, and the pests/diseases that are different--principles are the same. As a rule of thumb, publications and articles from WSU, OSU, and Idaho all give excellent gardening advice, and refer to region specific concerns. Here is a list that might get her started. Another great contact: The Walla Walla WSU Extension Master Gardeners: --she can call in for advice. I hope this helps.

Huge list of resources from WSU :
Organic Soil Amendments
Another excellent resource for the TriCities area is a WSU Horticulturist, Marianne Ophardt, who has a column in the Herald: