roch control

Asked December 10, 2019, 10:31 AM EST

Do those electronic roach control things actually work?

Baltimore County Maryland

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Electronic roach control is not effective.
Sanitation is important. Cleanup clutter and food sources. Reduce access to food and water. Vacuum and put in a dehumidifier to reduce moisture. Cockroaches like moisture and tight areas. Check for leaks and repair them. Caulk around plumbing and check for gaps. Do not store food in cardboard boxes. They can chew through cardboard. Glass jars with screw-cap lids, and strong, tight, plastic containers are ideal.

Baits are a good alternative to spraying because they reduce the amount of pesticides in the home environment. The insect is attracted to the bait and ingests the poison. They are available as gels, granules and in containerized bait stations.
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