Are walnuts with a dry black husk viable for planting?

Asked December 8, 2019, 2:23 PM EST

I have 14 walnuts I gathered from a friends woods. I've kept them in a plastic container for the last 5 week's in my garage. It's now December 8th. The husks are dry to the touch and black in color. Today I put them in cold water to soften and remove the husk. With the nuts sitting dry for 5 weeks, is there any good chance for planting? They have been kept cool but I'm not sure what condition the seeds are actually in. I live in Kenton county kentucky. I do not believe I have black walnuts, but I'm not certain. The first picture is the day I gathered and the second is Dec 8 after putting them in a bucket of water.

Kenton County Kentucky

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A quick way to determine viability (ability to grow) in black walnuts is to remove/clean off the husk, and then put the nuts in a bucket of water overnight. The next day, discard those that float, keep the ones that sink. When you remove the husk, you can also check for maggots or other insects, etc. Here is some more information on this:
Good luck!