Bugs I can't see but feel are on me

Asked December 7, 2019, 11:58 PM EST

I have what I think is mites in my motel room I can't see them but I feel them they sting and leave rashes on my legs they get into my nose and eyes my wife also gets rashes and itch I spray with special sprays and still having the problem

Cumberland County Pennsylvania

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What is your "special spray"? Does it have a brand name? How are you applying the spray? (i.e. to the bed, to the bedding, to your clothing, to the furniture, to the carpet, to your skin?) Read the label carefully and apply according to label instructions. Depending on the product, it may be irritating to the skin and may be exacerbating the actual problem.

We cannot make a management recommendation without knowing exactly what arthropod we are dealing with. You can collect specimens in a container filled with rubbing alcohol. You can then take the specimens to your local Penn State Extension in Cumberland County (https://extension.psu.edu/cumberland-county) for identification by an agent or their diagnostic services (usually for a fee).