My husband is being bullied at work. Where can we get help?

Asked December 7, 2019, 4:15 PM EST

My husband is being bullied at work. This bullying has gone on for over a year from a supervisor who is aggressively attempting to get my husband fired. He is hostile and abusive and interferes with my husband doing his job. He tries to change my husbands tasks unnecessarily while withholding information.He uses insulting remarks and lies to others about my husbands duties and schedule in an attempt to seem knowledgeable.He lies often (for which we have proof) to cover his mistakes. My husband knows his own job and the jobs of others very well since he has been there himself over 20 years. Like many bullies this supervisor seems incompetent and has a history of blaming other workers for all of his many mistakes even getting them fired. There are more issues too. For example this supervisor has a creepy habit of inappropriate behavior winking at my husband in an attempt to show dominance. He has been asked to stop all of these stress inducing behaviors yet the company HR creates an atmosphere of rampant bullying by encouraging it to continue. My husband made a police complaint in Plymouth Michigan over a year ago near where he works. Unfortunately, It seems so far that the company HR does not consider bullying to be harassment. However he is suffering mental abuse and it is affecting him physically now. I am just hoping you can point us in the right direction. It is not upsetting only because my husband needs his job but my husband actually loves his job. He is very good at his job. Why should we be made to feel helpless by this abusive behavior that we can not seem to stop.

Wayne County Michigan

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Thank you for your question. If the HR department in his company is unhelpful, it may be wise to consult with an employment attorney for assistance. If you don't know of one, the following bar referral organization can get you started:

Good luck!