English Ivy

Asked December 7, 2019, 10:17 AM EST

I replanted my English Ivy in new soil. Now I have mold on the top of the soil. What do I do?

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Thanks for the question.

I’m guessing that you are seeing a whitish substance on top of the soil of your English Ivy. If it is due to fungal growth, it is most likely quite harmless. This growth is typically due to fungal spores within the soil itself. It is normally indicative that the soil surface is too wet It will not harm your ivy and is more of an aesthetic nuisance than anything else. You could just scrape off this growth and hold off on further watering until the soil has completely dried down to a depth of an inch or so. The best way to determine this is to insert a finger down to this depth. If you detect any sensation of moisture, continue to delay watering. In time this growth will disappear. There certainly is no need to employ any type of fungicide. See:



It is also possible that you are just observing a salt deposition on the soil surface. Since you just repotted your ivy using fresh soil, I suspect that this is a more likely possibility than mold. This new soil probably contains some type of granular fertilizer (should say so on the soil label). When you water your ivy, this fertilizer gets dissolved and with subsequent evaporation from the soil surface there is deposition of the fertilizer. As with the mold possibility, this deposition will not adversely affect your ivy. See:


Good Luck!!