Linden Tree - holes in trunk

Asked December 7, 2019, 1:03 AM EST

Hello. We recently purchased a home in town, and our one big tree out front has been trimmed numerous times over the years. I have three concerns: there are two holes in the tree. The one with the squirrel sitting in it is at least 8-10 inches in diam. The other one is smaller. The tree seemed to have a fair number of leaves that dropped here & there starting in late summer. I never had to rake anything up. There are shoots that come up from the west side at the base of the tree. I am worried about this old gal.

Iowa County Iowa

2 Responses

The structural integrity or soundness of the tree would be my main concern. if not structural sound, it might be destroyed in a storm.

I suggest you contact a certified arborist. They should be able to provide an evaluation of the structural integrity of the tree. Certified arborists in your area can be found in the telephone book, under Tree Service. A list of certified arborists can also be found by going to a computer search engine and typing in the words “trees are good.” The International Society of Arboriculture website provides a list of certified arborists upon selecting the United States (country) and entering your zip code.

Thank you.