Asked December 6, 2019, 7:41 AM EST

I noticed that my beloved Photos is now being affected by some white looking stuff. It has been planted for a while, and fertilize with miracle grow. However, it doesn't seem to be growing lovely. Any suggestions please? Thank you kindly.

Chatham County Georgia

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Hi there! I am assuming you have a Pothos Plant. Is the white stuff above the leaf or below? On the stems? White stuff could be whiteflies or mealy bugs or cottony cushion scale or even tiny spider mites. If it’s mealy bugs or cottony cushion scale, use a earbud and clean the plant parts with 70% alcohol. If it’s whiteflies or spider mites, a pressured spray of water with a garden hose or even the shower will take or getting rid of the majority of their population. It could even be powdery mildew - a disease of plants. A picture (you can reply in this thread) will be really helpful - we could narrow it down to the exact problem. https://extension.psu.edu/preventing-diagnosing-and-correcting-common-houseplant-problems