All kinds of trees dying

Asked December 5, 2019, 12:07 PM EST

I see all kinds of trees dying. I did a test which shows there are high levels of Aluminum oxide, Barium and Strontium. All these ingredients will kill tree roots slowly and have almost immediate adverse effects on the leaves. The trees look like they are dying from drought but it is due to having no roots

Have you ever examined the contents of the rain water?

Snohomish County Washington

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Which county are you located it? This will allow us to get you to the right local agent.

Snohomish County

I am not a water quality expert but I'd like to know more about the water test. Where was the water collected? How many samples did you collect and test? What makes you say the levels of these chemicals are high (i.e. what is your reference point)? Also, where are the trees that you notice are dying located?

While I can't rule out chemical damage for any given situation without knowing the context, there is no evidence I'm aware of that suggests the widespread tree damage we're seeing in western Washington would be due to acid rain. Drought is the primary suspect because of the symptoms presented and the species that seem to be hit the hardest. Damage has also been strongly correlated with an increase in severity and frequency of drought in the last decade. The summer of 2018, for instance, was particularly hot and dry and we saw significant tree damage as a result at the end of the season and in 2019. Additionally, the trees that are struggling tend to be in areas where water stress is likely, such as roadsides, yards, forest edges, and in certain soils. So, while I'm sure water pollution doesn't help these trees (especially in urban areas where there is already significant stressors) I don't believe it is a primary cause of damage or death in most situations.