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Asked December 4, 2019, 7:39 PM EST

If I planted emerald green trees that grew around 14 foot tall and planted them 20 feet away from my leach bed, would my leach bed be fine ? How far out will the roots stretch ?

Fulton County Ohio

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Thank you for your question. I take it from your brief description you are talking about

Emerald Green Arborvitaes but can’t be sure. If they are indeed arborvitaes there should be no problem as they have deep roots but normally spread out to only the drip line.

To be sure we need to know the tree species as Emerald Green can apply to other trees and shrubs.

You may want to contact your County Extension Service or Soil and Water Conservation Office for a better assessment. I have listed them below. Thanks again.

Fulton County OSU Extension Office

8770 State Route 108, Suite A

Wauseon, Ohio 43567

Phone: 419-337-9210

Fax: 419-337-9279

Soil & Water Conservation District

8770 St. Rt 108
Suite B
Wauseon, OH 43567

Phone: (419) 337-9217