Fleas in Oregon invisible?

Asked December 4, 2019, 4:13 PM EST

I come from Southern California. I had no problem seeing fleas on my dog or cat. I even saw them when they would jump onto my socks. I have yet to see a flea here in Port Orford Oregon. I see the eggs, but have not seen one flea. I've even combed my cat with a flea comb...no fleas?

Curry County Oregon

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Oregon fleas are no different that California fleas. For flea dirt testing, pick up a few specks of what you think is flea dirt and smear it out on wet paper towel. Flea dirt will be reddish-brown from the ingested blood.

I understand that. My problem is that I do not see the fleas here in Oregon. I know what fleas look like. I've seen them on my dog and cat in California. I had fleas jump on my white socks in California....I could see the fleas. If I combed my cat with a flea comb, I could see the fleas.
I have yet to see a flea here in Oregon... are they smaller??