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Asked December 4, 2019, 3:07 PM EST

Hello! Massachusetts has a "Beecology" program to promote awareness of native bees/other pollenators & their situation. I'm obviously on the West side of USA! For years I've tried researching how to help all native insects & provide what I can, but there has been very little reliable/fact based resources. I probably have a "leg up" on info as I majored in biochemistry at university, but I don't see resources for the layman nor the science minded. I farm, I grow food, but my love is my massive flower garden & I want it to be usefull as well as aesthetic. Is there any place to participate in studies, gather information, etc? I see huge amounts of commercial bees, & I avoid those opting to try & focus on the little known ladies around, & other helpful "bugs". I've also noticed an increase in nonnative insects & report what I find, but I never see a centralised collection/info place. Any suggestions on reading materials, people, etc., would be appreciated. Thank you!


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Thank you for your question. Getting research-grounded information probably starts by using the "site:edu" domain, which will get you to university resources. (Just be sure to spell 'pollinator' correctly!) The following article sheds some light on what is happening in Nevada, and where you might get a start on accessing science-based information:

Here is a fascinating paper that you can undoubtedly relate to:

Probably your best bet for getting involved is to contact your county Extension office to see what training and classes are offered. You did not indicate your county, or I would refer you there. Lacking that, you can find their location through this webpage:
Good luck!

So much for my spelling, incorrect multiple times no less! Terrible. Thank you for your response, as always, insightful & helpful. I skipped my exact location as nearby, most of my questions are met with this: Alfalfa. We know alfalfa. Again, thank you!