English Walnut tree dying

Asked December 4, 2019, 12:11 PM EST

I recently bought a home in New Lothrop. It has a tree in the front yard that is dying. I was going to cut it down, then realized it is an English walnut tree. The dead limbs have a thick white coating on them. Like a fungus? I would really like to save the tree. It is still producing walnuts. (Only 1/2 a bucket full this year) There are also some holes on the tree, about 1/4 inch size.

Shiawassee County Michigan

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You have to ask yourself what percentage of the tree is still alive and realize the rest needs to be cut out and once these dead sections are removed is it still going to be worth keeping. The dead limbs are decaying and that is why there is a fungus growing on them. It is not what killed the branch. The bigger concern is where the 1/4 inch holes are found. If they are just in dead limbs that is not as big a concern as if they are also found in the trunk of the tree and living limbs. Once a tree gets weakened it becomes attractive to borers and they have a serious impact on the tree. It is hard to say if it can be saved but first look at what is still alive. Borer holes found in trees are exit holes, so the insect has already done its damage. As I stated above if this is also in the living portion of this tree then this tree is likely not going to make it. You could have a certified arborist evaluate the tree and ask them if the decline can be stopped. It would be important to know where this all started but often by the time you see major limbs dying and decay in them it has spread further within the tree. You can contact Tree Care companies and ask if they have certified arborists available to evaluate the tree. These arborists can also be found at: https://www.asm-isa.org/ click on "Find an Arborist".