Timber sale under-run

Asked December 3, 2019, 6:51 PM EST

Hi, one question about a state timber sale we harvested recently.. We bought a state Jack pine lump sum sale that advertised 3400 cords. After we finished the sale, our volume was short about 540 cords (16%, about $30k of timber). The state covers themselves very well in the contract language and would offer no refund of money. Have you ever heard of cases like these that were successfully appealed and refunded partial money back to buyer? Thank you, your information regarding timber sales appears to be very thorough. Pete Hill, Negaunee MI, pghill76@gmail.com.

Marquette County Michigan

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I do not have any expertise in forestry so am not able to answer your question. Our MSU Extension Forestry expert Bill Cook notes that there are many black boxes in this situation between the state estimates, the loggers contracts, the market utilization potential, etc, and without seeing the actual contract it is hard to know what the situation may be. It is typically a bit complex of a situation.

Our forest biomass innovation center is a good resource to look into if you are new to timber sales from the state: https://www.canr.msu.edu/fbic/index

Bill Cook is an extension educator at the forest products center. His profile is here if you would like to contact him with more specific questions or to follow up: https://www.canr.msu.edu/people/bill_cook

If you would like to discuss further with the state contacts, they are
Tom Seablom (area supervisor Tom Seablom, Ext. 103, 906-346-9201 Jandas@michigan.gov )
or state timber sales specialist
Doug Hyem (517-284-5867, heymd@michigan.gov)