Asked December 3, 2019, 9:56 AM EST

Hello! I have a pachyphytum in my office that has gotten very leggy. Should I trim it back? Can I root the trimmings to start new plants? Many thanks, Chris

Washington County Minnesota

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Yes, you can cut back your Pachyphytum. I would snip off leggy stems and then snip off the stem just above the next to last set of leaves and root that those stems. Take the remaining leaves off the stem and root those as well.

Leaf cuttings are and easy way to propagate Pachphytum.

1. Cut one of the younger leaves and let the wound dry for a day.

2. Dip the leaf in a rooting hormone and stick it in moist potting mix or sand (I prefer sand)

3. Keep the potting mix or sand moist

4. When the new rosette forms repot it and discard the old leaf.

You can root the cuttings in the same way using the rooting hormone and a moist potting mix or sand. After the new roots form repot the cutting.

Your Pachyphytum is leggy because it is not getting enough light. Perhaps there is a place in your office setting with more light that is more conducive to these high light loving succulents?

If you get on a web browser there are many sites addressing Pachyphytum culture.