Strange layer on top of apple cider vinegar while fermenting

Asked November 30, 2019, 8:51 PM EST

At the aple cider vinegar I am making a layer of something turned up, it is not mold and the vinegar tastes very nice but I have no clue what is this thing!


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I believe this is similar to the scum you see when fermenting pickles and other veggies. In a publication from the University of Georgia, it is noted that:

“While vinegar is fermenting, a jelly-like layer forms on top that is called the “mother of vinegar.” The mother is trapped and removed during straining. It can be carefully saved and refrigerated for use as a starter with your next batch of vinegar”

Just FYI - I spoke with a food scientist in our department and he advised that you also need to watch for mold, especially if there is a lot f sugar remaining. He doesn't think that is the case here, however.

What you have can be strained out.