Benefit to root pruning l-p pine volunteers prior to move?

Asked November 30, 2019, 11:45 AM EST

At altitude of 8900’ & sitting on (avg?) 18” of sand/decomp granite... on top of generally solid pink granite... I’ve read about the benefits of root pruning - ...but are all the other challenges that trees in such an environment face going to allow for the expected benefits? I’m looking to move more Lodgepole pine volunteers Thanks! BR

Grand County Colorado

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If the trees are volunteers, than root pruning may not be needed, since they have developed naturally in the soils and in the conditions. When you did them up, if you see any contorted roots or those that are angled, you could remove those. But I assume that these are not large trees? The bigger goal would be to dig up as much of the root system as possible and transplant at the correct depth.